Our Guide To Acquiring Wishes in Genshin Impact

Do you dislike needing luck to find your desired characters and weapons in Genshin Impact? No more troubles, adventurer! This guide will teach you multiple methods for boosting your Genshin Impact Wishes count, some cost-free and others with a little investment.

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Understanding Wishes

Wishes are Genshin Impact’s gacha system, where you spend in-game currency to get random rewards. These rewards can be new characters, powerful weapons, or helpful materials. Naturally, the best items are rarer, so getting more Wishes increases your chances of scoring that dream pull.

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How To Get More Wishes

The following are the top ways for players to get more wishes:

1. Invest Real Money

The most direct way is to purchase Genesis Crystals with real money. These Crystals are then converted into Genshin Impact Primogems, the primary currency for Wishes. You can buy Genshin Impact Fates directly using Primogems in the “Paimon’s Bargains” shop tab (160 Primogems = 1 Wish). Additionally, reaching Adventure Rank 20 unlocks the premium Battle Pass, offering a significant amount of Primogems.

2. Free Genshin Impact Primogems and Codes

For free-to-play players, keep an eye out for redeemable codes! These codes can be found on forums or the official Genshin Impact website and grant you free rewards, including Wishes or Primogems.

The developers frequently host events with generous rewards, including Wishes or large amounts of Primogems. Be sure to check your mailbox regularly and claim these event rewards!

3. Level Up Your Adventure Rank

As you progress through the game and increase your Adventure Rank, you’ll be rewarded with Acquaint Fates, Genshin Impact Primogems, or both at specific milestones. Talk to Katheryne, the receptionist of the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt, to claim these rewards.

4. Collect Genshin Impact Primogems Throughout Teyvat:

There are many ways to earn Genshin Impact Primogems within the game itself:

  • Complete Quests: Check your Journal to see which quests offer Primogem rewards.
  • Daily Commissions: The Adventurer’s Guild offers four daily commissions, each granting 10 Primogems. Completing all four nets you an additional 20 Primogems!
  • Adventurer’s Guild Experience: Open your Handbook and navigate to the “Experience” tab. Completing tasks within each chapter (like cooking dishes or opening chests) rewards you with Genshin Impact Primogems upon chapter completion.
  • Explore the World: Open chests scattered across the map! These come in various rarities, with higher rarities offering more Primogems (Common: 2, Exquisite: 2-5, Precious: 10, Luxurious: 10).
  • Discover Teleport Waypoints, Statues of the Seven, and Domains: Finding these unlocks them on your map and grants you Genshin Impact
  • Achievements: Completing achievements in various categories (found in the main menu) also rewards Primogems.


Remember that 160 Primogems grant you one Wish. While Wishes offers random results, saving up to ten Wishes at once guarantees at least a four-star character or weapon!

By following these tips and diligently collecting Genshin Impact Primogems, you’ll be well on your way to acquiring those coveted characters and weapons! Good luck, traveler!